New Highflyer Ad. Watch For Us!

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Watch for our new ad in the Highflyer magazine. It will be published for the next 3 months in Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, and Fishers. Please let us know what you think. Comment below when you see the ad in your home!

Special thanks to Jason Utt at for creating this ad for us.

Clipper-Banner-Ad-7x10(7) (1)

  1. Jason Utt Reply

    Thank you for mentioning me in this blog post. Each design element was carefully crafted into what it is now while taking into account the overall branding of the company. It is important to keep a brand across all mediums such as print, web, video because it produces a much more memorable experience. I really should write a dedicated blog about this flyer and describe the thought process behind everything. Glad you enjoy it. I hope it serves your business well!

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